Dynamic Social Connectivity
in your local area

Stay instantly connected with the people, events, and parties around you through a dynamic and engaging way. Browse a live feed of posts up for 24 hours and take it a step further using a chat with disappearing photos and text!


The Localized Social App

Picterchat is a dynamic social app where users can find people near them and chat with disappearing photos, videos, and text.

Chat Platform

Use the unique and engaging chat platform to send disappearing photos, videos, and text to users you discover.

Live Feed

Browse the home feed of posted videos and photos that are up and viewable for 24 hours. You can start chats with users right from the feed.

Real-Time Photos

All photos and videos posted in the app must be taken real-time. However, they can be edited before being posted or sent in a chat.

User Profiles

Manage your profile including your posted photos, privacy, and more. Local users can see your profile if you are not set to private.

Engaging Chat Platform

Based off of some of the most loved chat platforms, use Picterchat to chat with people you discover through disappearing photos, videos, and text.

Picterchat Picterchat

Dissapearing Photos, Videos, Text

Based off popular chat platforms, chat on our custom platform with disappearing photos, videos, and text in Picer's own way of doing it.

Engaging Notifications

Recieve notificaitons when an user starts a new chat with you or even replies to you. Also, see when an user is typing in the chat.

Clean Design and Interface

Become engaged with our uniquely designed chat platform and explore all the critial features built into the chat.

Photo & Video Previews

Here at Picterchat we give you a chance to preview the photos and videos that get sent to you before you view them and they disappear.

App Screenshots

Picterchat is the good looking solution to see who wants to chat or whats going on in your local area. Scroll through your local feed where posts are up for just 24 hours and all photos are taken live!




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